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The Pride House programme released

The programme for EuroPrides main arena for debate, Pride House, is now online. The Pride House programme consists of 45 different debates, lectures and workshops.

Pride House is normally a part of Oslo Pride, who is this year’s host of EuroPride. Pride House is held at the House of Literature in Oslo, Norway, but in occasion EuroPride, it expands in both time and place. After the first weekend at the House of Literature (June 20th – 22nd) , the arena moves into the Museum of Cultural History (June 23rd – 27th) .

“Because the eyes of Europe are drawn to Oslo and Norway this year, we expand and organize a record big Pride House programme, which lasts for eight days and occurs at two different venues, says Kathrine Veland, leader of the Pride House-committee.

The general theme for the entire EuroPride in Oslo is “human rights”. This is also reflected in the programme of Pride House 2014.

“Here you will find everything from discussions about the anti-gay laws in Eastern Europe, to paint workshop for rainbow children. There will be a FCKSHP, a dance performance and a workshop for journalists, just to mention a few of the 45 topics from the Pride House programme,” says Veland.

Norway violates human rights
The Pride House committee is appointed by LLH OA, the local branch of the national LGBT organization. Leader of LLH OA, Hans Heen Sikkeland, believes many important debates will take place at Pride House in Oslo this year.

“Though it is important to show Europe that the situation for lgb-persons in Norway is great, concerning the rights and general good attitudes in the general population, it is equally important to highlight the fact that Norway violates the human rights when the law requires castration of transgender people, in order to have gender legally changed. Pride House is the arena to raise precisely this kind of debate,” says Sikkeland, and continues:

“At Pride House we will also draw attention to the situation concerning freedom of expression in Europe in general. In addition we aim to show that love moves human rights.”

The Pride House program is built by LLH OA in collaboration with a number of organizations, such as Amnesty International, Outrage!, Queer World, The Oslo Police department, Oslo Queer and many, many more.

The 45 different debates, lectures and workshops  at Pride House has been coordinated by Brita Brekke, A.J. Dickson, Oda Gilleberg, Trine Handegaard, Martin Rosmo Hansen, Leif-Ove Hansen,Audun Barstein Heidrunsson, Mary Ihler, Reidar Jessen, Veronica Berglyd Olsen, Isah Rakeem, Kaia Marie Rosseland, Lena Sunnby, Kathryn Veland and Hedda Marie Westlin.

Pride House at the House of Literature: June 20 - June 22
Pride House at the Museum of Cultural History: June 23 - June 27

The whole Pride House program can be found at



Oslo Pride is the largest Pride festival in Norway, and in 2014 we are the hosts of EuroPride.  

EuroPride in Oslo will be held from Friday 20th June to Sunday 29th June 2014. During our ten-day festival, we shall through art, culture, politics and parties set human rights and lhbtiq issues on the agenda. 

Press contacts

Stein Runar Østigaard

Stein Runar Østigaard

Chairman Oslo Pride AS 97083830
Petter Ruud-Johansen

Petter Ruud-Johansen

Press contact Information Officer +4745000641

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Oslo Pride 2015

Oslo Pride is the largest Pride festival in Norway. ​Oslo Pride is a ten day long festival.
The programme in 2015 consists of over 130 free events - debates, workshops and parties.

The three main pillars of the festival is:
1. Pride House (free entrance: the political arena at the House of Litterature June 19.-21)
2. Pride Park (free shows, conserts and more at Spikersuppa - in the middle of Oslo - June 24.-27)
3. Oslo Pride Parade (June 27th).

2.000 persons visited Pride House in 2014, 50.000 visited Pride Park and 20.000 marched in the parade.

Oslo Pride were the hosts of EuroPride 2014.

Oslo Pride
Oslo Pride
Tollbugata 24
0157 Oslo