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Say «I do» in Pride Park

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Say «I do» in Pride Park

Oslo Pride and the Humanistforbundet invites you to the “Day of Love” at EuroPride.

EuroPride 2014 in Oslo: Friday the 27th of June 2014, Humanistforbundet (a Norwegian humanist NGO) and Oslo Pride are planning a day fully devoted to love. LGBT couples (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender) will this day have the opportunity to get married in Pride Park at the City Hall Square (Rådhusplassen).  

Oslo is the host city of EuroPride this summer, which takes place from June 20th to June 29th. Pride Park is the heart of EuroPride, and the event is organised by Oslo Pride. Stein Runar Østigaard, chairperson of the festival, is looking forward to the cooperation with Humanistforbundet and are now inviting all gay couples that are in love, to celebrate and tie the knot during EuroPride.

Church meeting votes no, we say yes
“We will make a special wedding area in Pride Park where you can get married. The wedding area is closed off to visitors other than friends and family of the couple to be wed. While it is a private ceremony, it will take place in the center of all attention, amidst people from all over Oslo, Norway and Europe,” says Østigaard and encourages people to register if interested.

The event in Pride Park can be seen as a response to the annual meeting of the Church of Norway that took place in April 2014. During the meeting the Norwegian Church discussed the topic of LGBT friendly marriage liturgy (church laws). The proposal for a LGBT friendly marriage liturgy was rejected with close margin, and was not passed  - 64 voted against, and 51 voted for it. Even though the laws of the Norwegian Church do not allow for or include an LGBT friendly liturgy, gay people are allowed to marry under the Norwegian law.

“Now that the church meeting have said no, we say yes. As many people know, love is the greatest of all. Therefore we make it possible for people to get married in Pride Park this summer, which is the heart and main people hub of our festival,” says Østigaard.

On your terms
Oslo Pride facilitates the ceremonies in Pride Park and Humanistforbundet will assist anyone who is interested in marrying, both prior to and on the big day itself on Friday the 27th of June.

"All humans should have the same rights and opportunities to love and to be loved. Humanistforbundet is both happy and proud to play our part in the pride in Oslo this year, where we freely offer our services in performing wedding ceremonies," says general secretary in Humanistforbundet, Leik-Endre Hoflandsdal.

"In light of recent events, where the Church of Norways' policy still refuses to allow gay marriage, it is important to demonstrate that there are other options. All couples, irrespective of gender, religious beliefs or denominational affiliations, are welcome to get married through Humanistforbundet, and can do so on their own terms and conditions. We are also willing to cooperate with liberal priests", says Leik-Endre Hoflandsdal.

«Love Moves»
LLH Oslo and Akershus, the local branch of The National LGBT organization, which is the owner and organizer of Oslo Pride, are happy, proud and exited about the marriage news, and look forward to seeing same-sex couples get married in Pride Park this year.

“By organising the “Day of Love” during EuroPride, Oslo Pride and Humanistforbundet shows that the festival is all about human rights. It is a human right for people to be able to show their love for each other, without having to defend themselves or giving additional explanations to anyone. By organizing the “Day of Love” on Friday the 27th of June, we also reinforce EuroPride’s slogan “Love Moves”, because love known’s no limits”, says head of the local LGBT organization, Hans Heen Sikkeland. 

Couples who are interested in tying the knot must contact Humanistforbundet by June 1st 2014, so that all that the necessary official steps and preparations to marry may be arranged in advance. Send e-mail to if you are interested.



Oslo Pride is the largest Pride festival in Norway, and in 2014 we are the hosts of EuroPride.  

EuroPride in Oslo will be held from Friday 20th June to Sunday 29th June 2014. During our ten-day festival, we shall through art, culture, politics and parties set human rights and lhbtiq issues on the agenda. 

Press contacts

Stein Runar Østigaard

Stein Runar Østigaard

Chairman Oslo Pride AS 97083830
Petter Ruud-Johansen

Petter Ruud-Johansen

Press contact Information Officer +4745000641

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